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Thank You
For Submitting
Your Preliminary Application!

Next Steps:

1.  You will be notified by email in 5-7 business days if you are income eligible for the locations you selected and be placed on the waiting list.

2.  If you are not eligible, you can update your income  or household information at any time by sending an email to - please include your name and the information you would like updated.

3.  When a unit becomes available that matches the bedrooms you require and your income range (very low, low or moderate incomes) and you are next on the waiting list, you will be contacted by email to see if you are interested in moving forward.  Details about the unit will be provided at that time.  It is important you respond to Triad's emails, as there is usually a response time and if you do not respond, we move on to the next applicant.  Please check your spam filter and make sure "" is on your approved list.

4.  Triad staff understands that there is a very high demand for affordable housing and not enough housing for those in need.  If this is an emergency, please look at our resource page for homeless prevention and other services. 

5.  For more affordable housing options, you can also visit that lists all open waiting lists in the state.  Please note that there is no "universal" application for affordable housing, so you will need to submit applications to many different agencies depending on where and which property you are interested in!  And, you might want to join the Fair Share Housing's e-newsletter that announces new lotteries throughout the state.  To sign up, click here and scroll to the bottom right of the page to sign up!

On behalf of Triad, we look forward to assisting you through this process and hope you find your perfect next home!


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