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Cinnaminson Township, New Jersey  (FOR SALE)

In this program the buyer can purchase any unit that meets the guidelines of their Subsidy Pre-qualification in the Cinnaminson school district.


The Market to Affordable Program utilizes Affordable Housing Trust Fund money to to provide a subsidy (grant) to qualified applicants in order to buy market rate homes at a price affordable to low- or moderate-income households, in exchange for deed restricting the property for 30 years as an affordable unit.


The affordable sales price is what a qualified home buyer must fund - through a conventional mortgage, cash or a combination of the two. FHA and VA mortgages are not eligible for this program. The affordable sales price is the amount in which the deed restriction will be made and the is the basis for taxes and re-sales.


The buyer must be able to qualify for a conventional mortgage. 

Applicants will be required to obtain a conventional mortgage pre-qualification from a lender (Most lenders require a minimum credit score of 640; no recent judgments, bankruptcies or foreclosures). Triad will provide a list of qualified mortgage lenders. Again, FHA and VA mortgages are not eligible for this program. 


Once the applicant sends Triad the lender’s pre-qualification letter, Triad will calculate their affordability based on the lender letter and current income information provided, then issue a Subsidy Pre-qualification and next steps in the process so the applicant may work with a realtor to identify a unit that meets their criteria.


Are there any restrictions on a Market to Affordable home?


Yes, there are some restrictions, which include:

  • The property will be deed-restricted as part of the Affordable Housing program for 30 years

  • You must live in the home as your primary residence; you may not rent the home to anyone, including family members or “flip” it for quick profit

  • You will need approval for major improvements, such as putting on an addition

  • You can sell the property at any time; the resale price is determined by the NJ Fair Housing Act

  • To sell, you will work with the Administrative Agent, which is Triad Associates

  • Other restrictions may apply.  Talk to Triad for further information.


I’m interested in learning more.  What is my next step?

Fill out a brief preliminary application and a Triad Team member will contact you. 

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Create an account on our application portal.


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