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Beach Haven, New Jersey

For Sale

3 BR, 2 Bath Condo, Sales Price $165,690; $833/month HOA fee includes Flood Insurance - Must live in this unit year round as primary residence; NEW CONSTRUCTION, AVIALABLE IMMEDIATELY


The application process is now open to be placed on the waiting list for this Affordable Housing unit in Beach Haven.  As units become available, you will be contacted if the bedroom size and income level matches your household.


For income guidelines click here


To submit a pre-application for this property, click here.


Interested households will be required to submit a full application.

Triad Associates has been designated to act as the program Administrative Agent to qualify and assist home owners through the application process.


Unit will remain deed restricted to ensure continued affordability. Applicants will be required to have a minimum credit score of 640 (with no recent judgments or bankruptcies or foreclosures) in order to obtain mortgage pre-approval.

Thank you for visiting. There are currently no affordable units available in Beach Haven Borough.  Please click below, for other affordable housing opportunities.


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